Your Gift to Uplift of $12/month Protects Six Children for a Year


Families in need are often forgotten.  We provide underprivileged children technology, education, training, protection and support to help families help themselves

Learn about our multiple outreach programs happening in the USA and currently  expanding across India.

We Lead By Example


The pandemic was upon us. Children were at home and couldn’t go to school. There was a huge rift in our society. Families were torn apart. Loved ones couldn’t see each other face to face. What solved that was technology. Rama Arya, CEO of Elevated Life Solutions saw a need, he got together a small team and started an outreach out of his own pocket to provide support for the underprivileged where it mattered. Suddenly people could connect and return to classrooms, see loved ones. Why did he do it? Because there was a crisis and someone had to do something. But he realized that the under-served feel this isolation every day. So Elevated Life Solutions continues to expand its outreach. “It started because someone helped my father, and he’s been giving back his whole life and I’ve learned from him,” says Rama. Come and join us. We’re enrolling you. We’re encouraging you to join us for the benefit of our brothers and sisters. Why? When we move together equally, we move forward. If not, we can only go in circles."

Our Partnership with Cybersmarties

Our goal is simple; any help we can offer, any support we may provide, we hope it gives an opportunity for a new start. Cybersmarties is already protecting 100,000 children online in a safe, locked down, fully monitored social platform for school-age children ages 7-12.  They have reduced cyberbullying by 98.7%, and have ended predatory online behavior. Elevated Life Solutions is funding the Cybersmarties expansion across India, Africa, and the USA. All this to re-connect families to their communities and extended family, return to the classroom online, and let low-income families reach out to get the help they need to help themselves.  Cybersmarties fully protected social network creates a safe environment for children that teaches the next generation of internet users how to engage with each other in a healthy and positive manner, and to create positive social media habits for the future.

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Our charitable mission is Connecting, Providing, and Protecting the under-served via technology, education, and support.